Friday November 7th 2014 Start 20h open-end Admission : 5EUR

Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin

Interactive exhibition series Sushi Kebap, on the taste of tradition and history, show and evaluate the richness joy of diversity based on the intersection of Turkish and Japanese art. Artists bring together their artworks to serve and feed unusual understanding. The works provide a fascinating glimpse into diverse production skills of human being related with environment.

Vol.01 Presents 10 samples made by Japanese and Turkish Artists who carried their lives to Berlin. Sushi Kebap presents this fresh combination by music, art, design and atmosphere.

Have an unexpected bite of Art to start the journey together!
Sushi Kebap : on view with its first episode at 7th November 2014.

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SUSHI KEBAP Vol.01 - LIVE FLOOR - line up

Sub Human Bros Electronic techno -

Electronic techno band of real Japanese brothers. Sub Human Bros reminds a middle school techno, house music,Detroit techno, 80's-90's Disco sound!
Their tracks contains real time arrangement mixing with MPC control, Synthesizer filled emotion with Auto synchronization of real brothers.

Petra Nachtmanova Turkish Folk -

Petra Nachtmanova presents the most popuplar examples of Turkish Folk Music.


Cazpera [ʤazpeʀa] - a.k.a. El Borracho Loco
Caz is the Turkish word for Jazz- and Pera is the old name of the artistic and musical neighborhood of Beyoğlu in Istanbul. The versatile musician Cazpera delivers even more influences into harmony with his DJ-sets and live performances.


DJ ONONiiONIONIION aka Taishi Nagasaka is a Japanese musician, performer, event organizer, etc. based in Berlin.
As a DJ, he plays and manipulate Anatolian, African, Asian, African, American Hard Rock.
His other projects: Cozmik Onion Express 2.9, Iwazu Mo Gana, the Melting Vegitable Spot etc.


Azuldecobalt TR - Illustration -

His work has been published in many international art catalogues such as "Artvisit3" and "Touch Magazine" and was also featured in various exhibitions in Berlin, Spain, Ukraine and Turkey.
Using a wide range of techniques, Azuldecobalt has a true skill of creating unique and instantly recognizable graphic art in which his varied styles always retain a consistent focus on quality. Azuldecobalt's skilled eye for proportions and perspective and his colourful dada-style immediately stand out. As an established contemporary expressionist, retaining aspects of irony throughout, his work remains a stunning frame for living art.

Erkin Gören TR - Painting -

İstanbul born non-disciplinary independent artist, based in Berlin since 2011.

Hironori Minematsu JP - Mixed Media -

Born in Japan in 1982.
In 2004 he graduated from Tama Art University in Tokyo, Japan.
In 2005 he moved to Berlin where he now lives and works on his art.

Mahir Duman TR - Visual Art -

Video artist and Vj, doing interactive live performance and installations for clubs, special events and art galleries.
Mahir Duman aka Vj Popkins produce audio visuals, videos, short films, music clips, mixing and scyronizing with sound and the rhythm of action.
He creates unrealistic, surreal, interactive, visuals to change the human perception as visuals with sound, to make the sound visible.

Midori Sushicat JP - Illustration -

Midori Sushicat is a Berlin-based illustrator.
She originally lived in Japan before she moved to the United States to study Illustration at California State University, Long Beach. As of now, she is currently working as an illustrator and a columnist for community websites. Known for her attractive color palettes, she is able to create necessary themes for her clients by building worlds of kaleidoscopic illustrations.

Ryo Endo JP - Painting -

Born in Japan, he has been living in Berlin since 2012.
His artworks are based on a theme : "Energy of Nature",
and he embodies and visualizes it in his paintings.

Selin Freisinger TR - Light, Ceramics

Selin Freisinger, born in Ankara. Making light sculptures with ceramics. She likes to create abstract compositions in her works by combining the solidity of ceramics as a material and light through void. Reflections through ceramic geometries, light and shadow combination.

Tatsumi Ryusui JP - Performance (Ambient-Drone-Noise) + Installation -

He processes several proper, accidental or self-build instruments to generate delicate, yet powerful and astonishing ambient textures that connect drone and the cathartic side of noise

Türe Zeybek TR - Painting

Türe Zeybek's work creates conflicts by deciphering unspoken acceptances. She often confronts viewers of her work with their own ways of thinking by bringing things together that seem to be opposite on first sight. These contrastive elements can be two different systems heading in opposed directions or they might be two forms marked with opposite meanings. The conflicts created provide an ironic view on systems, spaces and patterns.

Yukihiro Ikutani JP - Drawing/Painting/Scenography/Film -

His Artwork based on drawing. He creates and makes clear images with drawing for Painting, Scenography and Film. Exhibition by Bundeskunsthalle(Bonn), Zukunft am Ostkreuz(Berlin). Worked by "Who is Hanna?" "DIE BESUCHER"(both film), education for Szenografie of HFF(Filmuniversität-babelsberg) and Tokyo Zokei University.


In the Outside area, there will be Art and Food Market which will present traditional Handcraft, Design, Print objects together with exclusive Japanese and Turkish tastes.